''May the 4th be with you'' 

This was a truly special experience for me, when I joined the Matte Painting team at Scanline VFX under the leadership of Jens Schneider, I had no idea what project I am going to be on, but after finding out I couldn't be more excited. It was challenging journey to deliver the highest possible quality for such show, but Jens, who was our great lead made it much easier.

This project had a lot of 2.5D Matte Painting scenes we all always wish for to do, but also 3D generated mountains which were fun to do in Gaea and some Houdini generated aseets. One of my first tasks was to work on procedural set up for rock generation and using SpeedTree to generate variations of dead trees for layout, which was later then done by Jens Schneider.

The software I used on this project: Photoshop, Nuke, Maya, SpeedTree and Houdini



Selected Works