Tutorial / 06 March 2019


Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce new product I released for free on my Gumroad account, I am focusing on Entry level artist who want to become Matte Painter in VFX industry. To break it down, when I was starting out 2 years ago, I was looking for recourses and tutorials I could learn from, but I just spent big amount of time watching tutorials that said: Matte Painting for beginners, while the content actually didn't give me the knowledge I needed to know to become a Junior Matte Painter.

So I decided I am going to start sharing some of the recourses and tutorials that are strongly related to Matte Painting, same as I am trying to answer questions, many beginners ask.

Since we are just starting out, I am slowly releasing chapter after chapter, that will also later follow some Photoshop tutorials and tutorials on another softwares.

Feel free to follow and sign up, give us a feedback if you feel there is something that could be improved.

SIGN UP: https://gum.co/USXuT

FOLLOW: https://gumroad.com/irenasmitakova

Or also follow my instagram for updates: https://instagram.com/irs_smitakova/

Thank you for all your support.